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How much money will I save?

Our treatment packages typically save you anywhere between 50-75% when compared to UK prices. This includes dental plants, All-On-4s, crowns, bridges and veneers.

How can dental treatment cost so much less in Moldova?

The pricing of dental work depends entirely on how much locals earn. In Moldova, people earn considerably less than people in Western Europe. The difference in treatment pricing is representative of this wage disparity, not the quality of the work itself. Moldovan dentistry is highly respected across Europe.

How do Moldovan dentists compare to their British counterparts?

All our dentists and implantologists have over 7 years of profession dentistry experience. They attend national and international dentistry workshops and conferences to ensure they are constantly improving and refreshing their skillsets. Our surgeries are equipped with industry-leading technology to assist our dentists with their work.

How do I get to Chisinau?

Is it easy to get to Moldova?
Yes, it is! There are direct three-hour flights from London to Moldova’s capital city Chisinau every day.

How long will I stay in Chisinau for?

The length of your stay depends on the treatment you are getting.
Here are our estimates:
- Dental implants: 1-5 days (2 visits)
- Crowns & Bridges: 5-10 days

Is my treatment guaranteed?

It most certainly is.
Implants, crowns and bridges are covered for 5 years.
Veneers and other treatments are covered for 2 years.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?

Absolutely none! We clarify the cost of your treatment plan before you start it. We don’t charge a penny for any of the extra services, like additional consultations and airport transfers, that we provide to you during your stay.

Will I get any help while I am in Chisinau?

You’ll have a personal wellbeing assistant over the course of your stay, who will help wherever they can.