Six Fantastic Reasons to Visit Moldova



During your stay in Moldova, you’ll be living in one of our kitted-out and comfortable apartments. All our apartments come equipped with high-speed internet, a Netflix account and English television, so you can really feel at home.

Mimi Castle

Castle Mimi is home to one of Moldova’s most prestigious vineyards. Founded in the late 1800s by Constantin Mimi, today Castle Mimi hosts visitors from all around the world, who experience unparalleled wine tours in gorgeous surroundings.

Cricova Wine Cellars

The Cricova Wine Cellars hold legendary status in Moldova. Boasting 75 miles of underground storage pathways, the Cricova Wine Cellars has some of the world’s oldest and finest wine, which you’ll be able to try some during one of the Wine Cellars’ half-day wine tasting sessions.

Old Orhei Monastery

The Old Orhei Monastery is a relic unique to Moldova that tells the stories of civilisations dating back to the 6th century B.C. It  sits on top of a hill overseeing the Raut river. There are half-day tours of the entire complex. Tours come complete with a lunch consisting of traditional Moldovan cuisine.

Wine and food

Moldova is renowned for its incredible vineyard and wine culture. Explore the unique tastes and flavours of Moldova’s untapped vineyards. Moldovan cuisine remains by and large unknown in Western Europe. Discover the rich flavours of traditional Moldovan food with a glass of local wine in hand.

Shopping & entertainment

Moldova’s capital city boasts a dizzying number of shopping malls. The huge multi-story shopping malls have on offer big brands like Levi’s, Mango and Pierre Cardin at better prices than in the UK. You’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for - from sportswear to beauty salons - at fantastic prices.