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United Kingdom

Average Dental Services
  • Alpha-Bio Tec Implant + Abutment £ 1400
  • Tooth extraction from £ 80
  • Full porcelain crown £ 750
  • Pressed ceramic veneer £ 650
  • Root canal treatment with filling £ 190
  • Composite filling from £ 80


Premium Dental Services
  • Alpha-Bio Tec Implant + Abutment £ 490
  • Tooth extraction from £ 30
  • Full porcelain crown £ 290
  • Pressed ceramic veneer £ 260
  • Root canal treatment with filling £ 60
  • Composite filling from £ 40


Average Dental Services
  • Alpha-Bio Tec Implant + Abutment £ 650
  • Tooth extraction from £ 60
  • Full porcelain crown £ 380
  • Pressed ceramic veneer £ 345
  • Root canal treatment with filling £ 140
  • Composite filling from £ 60
  • The Clinic
  • The Team
  • Our Story

Alexander Coseru


    Alexander Coseru is a specialist in cosmetic dental surgery with over 7 years experience. As a prosthodontist, Alexander has expert knowledge in diagnosing and treating all forms of aesthetic oral issues.    
    He completed his prosthodontics qualification at the International Center for Dental Excellence.    
    Many of our patients have commented on Alexander’s attention to detail when drawing up treatment plans.  

Alexander Smyntyna

Orthodontist, Prosthodontist

    Alexander Smyntyna is a qualified orthodontist and prosthodontist and has over 8 years experiencing in these fields. He specialises in tooth and jaw realignment treatment and broader aesthetic dentistry. Alexander completed his orthodontics and prosthodontics training at Wieland Dental, a leading dental school in Germany.
    His work has attracted praise from many of his previous patients, who were impressed by his patience and thoroughness during treatment.   

Andrew Bodrug


    Doctor Andrei Bodrug has over 10 years experience working as a dental surgeon. He specialises in aesthetic dentistry and implantology.    Doctor Bodrug received his dental qualifications from Prodent Italia, which offers exclusive courses in aesthetic dental procedures.
    His previous patients have repeatedly praised the meticulous and precise way that Andrei carries out his work, as well as his personability.

Andrew Brodsky

Customer care manager

    Andrei is one of our two care managers. Born in Chisinau, Andrei knows the city like the back of his hand and will be more than able to assist you wherever you so need.

Victoria Kursheva

Customer care manager

    Victoria is the second of our two care managers. Victoria will be able to answer any of questions about your stay and provide you with a tailored itinerary for your free time.

James Fletcher

CEO, Founder

    Born in London, James is a keen globe-trotter and entrepreneur with years of experience in setting up businesses in the UK. Before setting up Dental Travel, James ran his own hotel in Barcelona.


    My name is James and I’m the founder of Dental Travel. Back in 2014 I visited Moldova as a tourist. While having breakfast one morning I experienced an excruciating pain in one of my molars.

    I was rushed to a dental clinic and told that I’d need a new crown for my smashed tooth. I’d always been skeptical about having dental work done abroad, but Stefan (head clinician) assured me that I was in safe hands. And he was right! Within a week I had a new crown fixed. When in came to paying, it was around 60% cheaper than the price I would have paid in the UK.

    At this point I realized that dental holidays specifically to Moldova were something that could work for so many Brits. Patients could come to get excellent dental treatment at affordable prices and discover much of what Moldova has to offer in the process.

And voilà - Dental Travel was born.