All-on-4 treatment concept give you an entire new set of teeth with much less hassle in case you have multiple missing teeth. It requires significantly less surgery time and you’ll have a much swifter road of recovery.

The shorter recovery time and cost stem from the ingenious fitting procedure. Your dentist will only have to install 4 implants to fit the entire jaw. Hence the name All-on-4.

Before your dentist fits the new set of teeth, he will carry out a CT scan to ensure you have enough jaw bone for the procedure. After this, he shall take an impression of your teeth using dental clay, then a perfect-fitting jawline will be created. Once all the remaining teeth are removed, the dentist will make four insertions into your jaw bone: two roughly where your molars are and another two at the front curves of your jawline.

You should remember that the first fitting will only be a temporary set of teeth. This is to reduce swelling of and the stress on the newly fitted screws. Your permanent set will be fitted once everything is completely healed. We typically book the second appointment for this around 4-6 months after the initial surgery. However, we will liaise with you to make sure you’re fully recovered before the second fitting.

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